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The Difficulty With Codegit

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I recently decided to start integrating the Codegit plugin directly into Atheos. It's simply too valuable to the everyday developer to not be a core feature. Now I have been actively avoiding working on Codegit because whenever I opened its code up, I'd instantly feel a bit overwhelmed. The idea of building a git interface was a massive undertaking that I would pass up 10/10 times. Codegit was simply over my head and looking at its code made that ...

Toying With Atheos

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I'm starting to really grasp the volume of work ahead of me in regards to refactoring Atheos. There were a lot of people who worked on the OG Codiad over many years. The deeper I get into the core files, the more I see discrepencies, and a lot of duct tape honestly. I'm reaching a point where the only way forward is to completely move away from supporting...

Atheos Infrastructure

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Atheos isn't just an IDE, there is a lot more to Atheos that really makes it shine and coding all of it's infrastructure has it's own intersting tendencies and oppurtunities.

Website: I've probably made this website as complicated as possible for what I'm trying to accomplish. It functions really well, but honestly, it's has an unnessarily high level of complexity fo...

An Overview of Atheos

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Currently, development on Atheos is going very FrontEnd heavy. I think the more familiar I get with the FrontEnd, the more I want to work on it; as such, the PHP BackEnd is probably going to suffer; luckily the BackEnd was originally developed by (at least as far as I have seen so far) very talented and foreword thinking individuals. The BackEnd has never caused a single issue for as long a...