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Atheos Infrastructure

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Atheos isn't just an IDE, there is a lot more to Atheos that really makes it shine and coding all of it's infrastructure has it's own intersting tendencies and oppurtunities.

Website: I've probably made this website as complicated as possible for what I'm trying to accomplish. It functions really well, but honestly, it's has an unnessarily high level of complexity for what it is, but I'm more trying to practice my PHP as much as possible. I am not overly fond of the direction of the site, but it's a site that's supposed to meet a lot of needs with a small tiny footprint as well as be as homemade as possible.

Documentation: Atheos' documentation is progressing slowly but the foundation is now there. It's set up similar to some wiki sites. Now the work of actually creating the documentation from the code base. I'm torn between stopping all developement on Atheos until the documentation catches up, or continue working on Atheos such that I won't have to rewrite documentation later. I'll probably play a little catch up on what I've changed so far and then try to update the rest as I work through it.

MarketPlace: Currently the Marketplace is a PHP script that either returns a JSON file, or compiles it into a pretty HTML table. It works and it works well.

Plugins: Many of the plugins use client side JS to add functionallity, which seems obvious, but looking into it, seems a little strange. For example, I'm a huge fan of Andr3as' Sass Compiler, and have used it to create most of Atheos, but looking at the code, it appears to load all the scss imports, the libraries and everything into the client browser, compile and then pass it back to the server, however there are multiple php (server-side) sass compilers that will do most of the work for the plugin and not strain the browser. Sooner rather than later, I'm going to rewrite that plugin to add server side compiling as an option I think.

Update: I started into the update functions and it took me on a huge rabit hole. I have an idea on how I'm going to rewrite, almost from the ground up, the install/update process, but it is going to take time. One of the things that really worries is me is deciding exactly what information would most users be okay with me saving. I've narrowed it down to basic operating information and nothing that I consider personal information. More information will be included in a full write up when I'm done. There of course will be an OptOut (or OptIn?) function. More information will be included in a full write up when I'm done. There of course will be an OptOut (or OptIn?) function.

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