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State of the Slog

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Anyone who knows me knows that I'll go to insanely extreme lengths in order to optimize my server/code base without complicating my build system or compromising my source code's readability. This post is an overview of how I have this website set up. Starting with the basics, I have a pretty bog standard LAMP server set up and that s...

Aura: A new project

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I've started working on a smaller much smaller version of Atheos called Aura; I'll still primarily work on Atheos when I can, but I want to try to make Atheos even lighter than what it is.

I've always loved how powerful and content filled old game cartridges used to be for how small that they are. I think it's a sign of a great programmer if they can keep a powerful software's size small and focus...

Atheos and Security

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Recently I've been playing around more with security considerations on Atheos. My biggest concert was Codiad utilizing Get requests for 95% of all server-client interactions with zero injection checks.

I believe the only things that were posted might have been the login screen and the actual file content. I spent most of the back end development moving ...

User Analytics

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During the early stages of rebuilding the external support for the Atheos IDE, including the Marketplace, the Update Endpoint, the Homepage and Documentation, I noticed that Codiad had a tiny analytic system baked in.

I am a pretty big advocate of privacy, and while the level of analytics that Codiad was collecting was pretty much nill, I was extremely bothered to just now b...